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Aircraft Management

Jet Edge provides our aircraft owners assurances that their asset is being handled professionally and efficiently by aviation professionals with over 500 years of collective experience.

Our philosophy of treating each aircraft as an individual business redefines the aviation industry's standard aircraft management business model and creates successful scenarios for owners and charter clients.

Jet Edge focuses on charter revenue to help to offset the annual operating cost of aircraft ownership. Recognizing that charter management is multi-faceted, Jet Edge develops a custom tailored operational, sales, and marketing plan. Each plan focuses on maximizing revenue in ways which best suit our owners.

We deliver highly detailed, transparent reporting, as well as an opportunity to participate in our vendor service programs through our exclusive partnerships. We offer a comprehensive range of aircraft services including a full service 145 maintenance facility based at Van Nuys airport.

Cost Savings

Unmatched cost savings in key fixed and variable expense areas. The procurement power of the Jet Edge fleet allows us to provide extensive cost savings and deep discounts for our owners.

Oversight and Compliance

We are ahead of the curve on regulatory requirements. Jet Edge handles all your domestic and international behind-the-scenes safety and security requirements to make every flight hassle-free.

Flight Operations

Operate your aircraft with precision each and every flight. Jet Edge manages all flight operations and crew activities to maximize the efficiency and productivity for your aircraft.

Risk Management

Reduce your operational, security, or financial risks. Jet Edge will assess these risks and achieve greater safety and security goals for you and your aircraft.

Flight Crew

Hire, train, and retain the best flight crew for all of your missions. Selecting only the best in the industry to serve as your crew, Jet Edge will recruit, hire, and train highly qualified crew members for your aircraft.

Finance Administration

Always know where you stand financially with Jet Edge at all times. The Jet Edge team will work closely with your designated financial representative to provide outstanding reporting and easy-to-comprehend invoices.

Aircraft Maintenance

Your aircraft is always in top flying condition. The Jet Edge fleet maintenance team operates under the most stringent maintenance requirements in private aviation today.

To inquire contact Greg Johnson SVP, Aircraft Management Sales (818) 933-4429 or

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Call (818) 442-0096 to speak directly with a Charter Services representative.

Call (818) 442-0096 to speak directly with a Charter Representative.