AdvantEdge Program


The AdvantEdge Program

Jet Edge has been at the forefront of private jet management for over a decade, developing an industry-leading, end-to-end platform for world-class asset management, flight operations, charter, simplified aircraft ownership, and whole aircraft brokerage. We proudly serve the full spectrum of private aviation clients.

Building on that experience, Jet Edge has developed AdvantEdge, a revolutionary charter management program to optimize the whole aircraft ownership experience. Using our proprietary revenue management, pricing, scheduling, and logistics platform, Jet Edge is able to deliver consistent revenue, lower fixed costs, and reliable schedules for aircraft crews.

How it Works

Members commit their aircraft to the Jet Edge ADVANTEDGE Fleet for a certain number of weeks annually: from 14 to 52, depending on each members’ flying needs and interest in offsetting costs.

The process is simple. AdvantEdge aircraft owners work off a time-based model with program commitment increments starting at 14 weeks up to 52 weeks annually, representing program revenue blocks from 250 to 900 hours. You simply tell us the weeks the asset is available and Jet Edge will supply pre-booked charter demand for the time your aircraft has entered the program.

Outdated Process
  • Customer signs charter quote
  • Quote shared with aircraft owner or advisors
  • Owner approves or declines quote based on availability
  • Customer is informed of approval
new AdvantEdge Process
  1. Owner confirms aircraft availability before the start of the month
  2. Owner selects available weeks with a minimum seven-day increment per month
  3. Jet Edge assigns pre-booked trips to aircraft during available weeks
  4. Owner provided access to network fleet if owned aircraft is unavailable due to committed weeks

How Jet Edge Generates Charter Demand

Flight demand is generated from a range of sources, including membership, partnerships, wholesale, and third-party digital distribution arrangements. This, coupled with our commercial operations expertise, allows Jet Edge to capture more of the overall market for private jet travel and generate higher, more reliable yields.


The program operates the world’s largest fleet of Gulfstream GIV/GV and Challenger 350 / 300 / 605 aircraft, which generates over 45,000 annual charter hours.


Our dynamic pricing engine is modeled after those of the world’s largest airlines, luxury hotels, and hospitality groups, so our charter pricing more precisely matches demand more precisely.

Experience Full Financial Control

At the onset of the relationship, your Aircraft Management Advisor will deliver a full cash flow/depreciation analysis so you can find the right balance between charter revenue, fixed-cost reduction, and long-term aircraft value, a process we call Controlled Utilization. We look to find the right balance between revenue generation, depreciation, and cycle ratio to ensure optimal asset value to meet your expectations.

AdvantEdge revolutionizes private jet ownership, with a new model that provides the ability to efficiently forecast annual cost of ownership for the first time in the industry, and significantly increase charter revenue for large cabin and super-midsize aircraft owners.


Exclusive Owner Benefits

Aircraft owners at Jet Edge have access to the world's finest resort partners and leading travel brands. We offer one of a kind partnerships and benefits with the most exclusive brands and service providers in the world.