Jet Edge’s Refined Operating Procedures

As part of Jet Edge’s ongoing commitment to the highest safety standards in private aviation and in response to COVID-19, we have enhanced our safety protocol at every touchpoint to keep our passengers, flight crews, and employees safe and healthy. In partnership with global aviation safety and security expert, Redline, we have developed the industry leading protocol to ensure the safest flight experience in private aviation.



Pre Flight

Pre-Flight Screening to Evaluate all Flight Details including Previous and Future Travel Plans of Clients and Crew

Mitigates any possible known exposure and prohibits entrance to Jet Edge facilities and aircraft for at least 14 days

Pre and Post-Flight Enhanced Aircraft Cleaning and Disinfecting

We utilize FDA, CDC, and EPA-approved disinfectants such as CleanSmart, that effectively kill the virus that causes COVID-19 among other pathogens. As an additional preventative measure, We treat Aircraft Interiors with ClearCabin, an antimicrobial barrier, every 90 days to provide lasting protection.
Any aircraft returning from a high-risk region identified by the CDC will be immediately quarantined and undergo enhanced disinfectant procedures and timelines

Flight Crew and Passenger Health Questionnaire and Assessment Completed Prior to Flight

Flight Crews Are Regularly Tested For COVID-19. Temperature Scanning Is Mandatory For Flight Crews And Available For Passengers. International Travelers Flying To The United States who are not U.S. Citizens (or who are non-exempt) Will Be Required To Complete A CDC Attestation Form and Provide Proof Of Vaccination Against COVID-19.

During Flight

Clients and Flight Crew Protection: Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Available Onboard All Aircraft





Post Flight

Confirmation That All Partners including Ground Transportation, Catering, and Crew Accommodations Adhere to Appropriate Safety Precautions

All Jet Edge Facilities Will Follow Safety Protocols To Minimize COVID-19 Exposure. We Partner With And Follow All Guidelines Of The CDC, WHO, OSHA, And The FAA.


Preventative Measures and Aircraft Cleaning:

There is no higher priority to Jet Edge than the safety and security of our clients and employees. To prevent exposure to COVID-19, Jet Edge has implemented a comprehensive safety protocol and enhanced our already stringent aircraft cleaning standards based on recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), World Health Organization (WHO), the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA), and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

The Following Preventative Measures are Now in Effect:


  • Jet Edge requires flight crews as well as passengers to acknowledge previous as well as future travel plans in order to mitigate any potential risk of exposure to COVID-19 and implements a mandatory 14-day quarantine from all Jet Edge facilities and aircraft for any possible known exposure case.

  • Flight crews and passengers must complete a health questionnaire and assessment prior to being admitted to fly. Flight Crews are Also Regularly Tested for COVID-19. Pre-Flight Temperature scanning will be completed on all flight crew and will be available for passengers.

    International Travelers Flying To The United States who are not U.S. Citizens (or who are non-exempt) Will Be Required To Complete A CDC Attestation Form and Provide Proof Of Vaccination Against COVID-19.


  • Each aircraft will have personal protective equipment (PPE) for passengers and crew available onboard the aircraft at all times, including face masks, eye coverings, Gloves, and alcohol-based hand sanitizer. Hand sanitizer will be also be available for passengers and crew, visible upon enplaning in the galley or aircraft entrance as well as within the lavatory. if any individual becomes sick during flight, a stringent protocol is followed to maintain safe operations.

  • Each aircraft will also have additional PPE including disposable gloves available for use while cleaning and disinfecting the interior surfaces. All PPE will be disposed of according to guidelines from the CDC.


  • Cleaning and/or Flight crews are thoroughly sterilizing all interior surfaces of the aircraft With disinfectant wipes prior to and at the end of every passenger flight to help prevent the transmission of COVID-19. This includes handrails, seats, galley surfaces, passenger control panels, passenger air gaspers, lavatory surfaces, and other surfaces frequently touched by passengers and crew. The aircraft cockpit and aircraft access doors are also thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. As an additional preventative measure, aircraft interiors are treated every 90 days with ClearCabin to provide an antimicrobial barrier for lasting protection.

  • Flight Crews have the authority to increase both the level of detail and frequency of cleaning as necessary to adjust to changing conditions.

  • Jet Edge has also increased aircraft cleaning procedures to include maintenance operations. Aircraft going into and out of maintenance will be thoroughly cleaned according to the procedures noted above.


  • Social distancing guidelines Should be followed at all times.

  • All travel partners of Jet Edge including ground transportation, catering, and crew accommodations will adhere to appropriate safety precautions.

Travel and Security Measures:

Through questionnaire and evaluation, all passengers and crew must verify that they have not had any known recent exposure to COVID-19 based on their travel history or social activities, have not recently requested to be tested for the virus, and do not have any current signs of fever, persistent cough, or difficult breathing before being admitted to fly.  

Domestic Flight Travel Precautions:

Domestically there are some state and county restrictions as well as quarantines affecting flights into various US states and territories. Please contact us directly prior to any flight for the latest information. The Jet Edge team is standing by to assist with any travel requests and advise on the latest procedures and guidelines for travel within the United States and territories.

International Flights Departing from within The United States:

For international flights, many nations have implemented quarantine measures as well as PCR testing. Travelers may enter the country, but passengers, flight crew, and aircraft may be subject to 14-day mandatory quarantine or may be required to present a negative COVID-19 test result. The Jet Edge team will advise clients directly on the most updated information regarding any required procedures or restrictions for international travel.

Departing from Outside the United States to The United States from Restricted Areas:

All passengers and Jet Edge personnel will be thoroughly screened if they have visited any of the following area(s) 14 days prior to scheduled departure in order to determine eligibility to fly and enter the US:

  • India




  • IRAN



Departing from Outside The United States to The US from Unrestricted Areas:

  • International Travelers Flying To The United States who are not U.S. Citizens (or who are non-exempt) Will Be Required To Complete A CDC Attestation Form and Provide Proof Of Vaccination Against COVID-19.