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Sky High Safety

Jet Edge leads the industry with safety programs that are unique in business aviation.

Jet Edge adheres to the three most prominent standards in the industry: ARG/US Platinum Rating, Wyvern Wingman Recommendation and the International Standard for Business Operations (IS-BAO) Stage 3 certification. We are one of only 24 Business Aviation Operators worldwide to be recognized by all three.

First Class Pilots

The world's most desired planes deserve only the most skilled and experienced pilots. Our pilots average over 12,000 flight hours (FAA requires 1,500) and attend training courses with leading professionals twice a year.


Jet Edge has fostered an open safety culture that promotes cautious planning and decision-making throughout the organization. The key is our open culture from the CEO down, that actively solicits input towards continuous improvement to personnel who operate, maintain, or dispatch the aircraft on a daily basis. Every employee at Jet Edge owns safety and is empowered to take action.

Safety Programs

Jet Edge is part of a very small and elite group of operators already using or developing the following programs rivaled only by top tier major airlines:

Aviation Safety Action Program (ASAP) - FAA Approved on Feb 01, 2014

Jet Edge, in partnership with the Air Charter Safety Foundation and the FAA, is the first business aviation operator in the Western Pacific Region to establish an ASAP program. This program was developed by the FAA in conjunction with the major U.S. airlines, and is now available for business operators. It provides FAA enforcement immunity for pilots, technicians, and dispatchers in order to encourage safety and continuous improvement reporting.

Flight Operations Quality Assurance Program (FOQA) - FAA Approved on May 30, 2013 

FOQA is a proactive approach to flight operations standards and procedures. This program allows the Jet Edge Safety Department to see “virtual” flights derived from historical information, downloaded from the aircraft’s flight data recorders. This program is intended to increase the safety and efficiency of aircraft operations through analysis of historical research.

Aviation Safety Information Analysis and Sharing (ASIAS) System - Both ASAP and FOQA Programs are registered participants

ASIAS is an industry collaboration of major airlines, business aviation operators, and military organizations that allows the pooling of de-identified flight data derived from FOQA and ASAP programs for the purpose of identifying safety trends and systemic issues. Jet Edge is allowed to study literally thousands of flights from hundreds of operators engaged in worldwide aviation operations to learn what could happen before it happens. Jet Edge is able to then develop systems or procedures to mitigate any adverse effect on safety. Likewise, Jet Edge shares de-identified data with ASIAS for industry safety improvements.

Integrated Human Factors for Flight Crews via Crew Resource Management (CRM), and Threat and Error Management (TEM)

TEM is a systematic approach to mitigating potential threats. Jet Edge has armed each cockpit with an tablet based Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) equipped with quick access electronic charts/manuals, and quick reference decision guides for non-normal operations in order to assist our pilots’ decision making.

Standards Review Board (SRB)

Flight Standards are a key component of flight safety. The standard must be high, understood by all, and trained to proficiency. Jet Edge not only maintains flight standards through an in house Standards Department, but also has a SRB that is comprised of our most experienced Captains who review those standards for continuous improvement and compliance.

Safety Committee

The Jet Edge Safety Committee is comprised of all department managers and is tasked with the review of all safety reports and internal safety audit findings. The Committee will decide on corrective action that is appropriate for all departments and then regularly review the effectiveness of that correction to ensure it works properly and/or make modifications as required.

Proactive Crew Training and Safety Equipment

As an example of Jet Edge’s proactive safety culture to mitigate potential issues before there is an increased threat to flight safety, Jet Edge has implemented targeted computer based instruction for pilots and cabin attendants in the recognition, mitigation, and firefighting of lithium battery fires in tablets and smart phones. Additionally, Jet Edge is working with aircraft owners to equip the aircraft with special lithium battery fire bags that can contain and extinguish these types of fires. When a safety issue is identified via industry best practices, or internal safety reporting (ASAP, FOQA, or PRISM) Jet Edge has and will implement training and procedures to effectively mitigate that threat. 

Jet Edge is a DBA of Western Air Charter, Inc. Certificate #W6JA769L

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