Travel Confidently with Jet Edge and Cue

Testing that makes taking off easy


Your Portable, Packable, COVID-19 Test Solution

The Jet Edge partnership with Cue Health includes exclusive benefits for Reserve Members. Cue is the first ever molecular COVID-19 self-testing system without a prescription. Each test takes only 20 minutes and results appear right on your mobile device. Take the packable system with you wherever you go to meet travel requirements for most destinations.

Exclusive Cue Offer for Jet Edge

Jet Edge Reserve Members receive 20% off the purchase of Cue products, including readers and all tests.  Use promo code FLYWITHCUE at checkout.  All offers are valid through August 31, 2022.

Once you have your Cue reader and tests, Jet Edge and Cue are also offering you a free one-year membership to Cue+ for Jet Edge. This membership will give you unlimited access to supervised or proctored tests within your Cue app as well as telehealth services.

Interested in Cue for your business, email us here.

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